Friday, January 28, 2011

Those minor annoyances

I often get annoyed with other people’s list of pet peeves. Some of the stuff that grinds gears out there sounds so petty. People who use cell phones in supermarkets? (I am one of those; I sometimes need to ask Two Dogs what to get. A supermarket is not a theater.) People who don’t take off their hats when the national anthem is played? Biodegradable chip bags that are too noisy? Get a grip.

Then I remember that I have pet peeves of my own which may sound petty to you.

When I visit the supermarket on Fridays (or sometimes on Thursdays, if I’m at Bristol Farms) in the third week of the month, I see new magazines on the rack. Magazines like Sunset and Self and Bon Appetit and More – all of which I subscribe to. I see the fresh new issues in the supermarket, and look forward to seeing them in my mailbox promptly.

To the powers who run magazines, “promptly” means three to seven days – or even more – after the newsstand appearance.

I remember a time when one of the privileges of subscribing was receiving the issue before it showed up on the newsstand. It was like receiving a Christmas or birthday present. Now, I feel like a chump as the shiny covers of the magazines I subscribe to mock me in the supermarket for days.

(As of this evening, January 28, I am still waiting for More – and it’s hard because it has a new “book club” feature. I hope it gets here tomorrow – it’s a good magazine for “tub night.”)

P.S. I just realized that this is my 100th post. Somehow, I feel a little proud today.

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