Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 70th birthday, Ringo...

...and many more!

I don't care what Social Security says - I say it's at 70 when one crosses the line into elderdom, and I am glad our Ringo is there. (He did say in the New York Times that he felt 24, which is OK, too. Sometimes I feel 16, and sometimes when my knees creak I feel 55!) Let's all hold up the peace sign today.

I can't help thinking, if only John Lennon could have crossed this border in October of this year. One comforting thought is that people do not really "die" as long as the living remember and keep their ideals alive.

Peace (that means an attitude of calmness and serenity in the face of adversity) and love (and if you can't swing love, at least respect).


  1. Good post. I think that like Ringo's attitude reveals, we're only as old as we feel. :-)

    Thanks for visiting my site as well.



  2. I was aghast when I heard it was Ringo's 70th birthday. To me, they'll always be the lads from Liverpool who provided a huge part of the soundtrack of my adolescence. I got the remastered collection for a present and their music still delights me, especially pieces with a minor chord progression.