Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Weirdest Packaging I've Ever Seen (but it worked for me)

Have you ever gone into a drugstore or beauty supply store and have a certain product stop you in your tracks? A product that looks a little like this?

Welcome to the weird (to say the least) world of Montagne Jeunesse beauty products.

Some beauty lines present an image of serenity and tranquility, promising to take you away to a world of quiet. Montagne Jeunesse is as colorful as a tabloid cover -"BRIGHT and full of DELIGHT" according to the website - and if I had been a child seeing these packages at stroller level, I would have thought these the faces of monsters. Especially the blue one.

But they make you look. Big time, as Two Dogs would say.

I tried to take pictures of these at the store, but they came out blurry. I had to buy them to get a decent shot (fortunately, they're only $1.79 each, and the buy-two-get-one-free deal helped, too). I am wearing one of the masks as I type this, the "Passion Peel-Off". Here's how it looks in real life:

I'm not sure whether or not to be relieved or disappointed!

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