Thursday, May 10, 2012

A walk (and a thought) in the park

Last Sunday, I took a walk in Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. I used to go there more often in the past (I used to exercise on the fitness path, using all of the exercise stations – I can still feel the burn, as well as the joy of enjoying a cool treat at the 7-11 across the street.)

I chose this park because I was looking for baby ducks once again – and not only did I find baby ducks, I found baby geese:

For this meandering mouse, a walk is never just a walk. This day’s pondering was about the nature of freelance work.

Working freelance and creating my own schedule means I can take a walk in the park any afternoon of the week – not just Sunday. That is freelance privilege.

Working freelance and creating my own schedule also means that any waking hour is a potential working hour. That is freelance responsibility. That is why I asked myself why the hell was I out here – even on a Sunday afternoon.

I would not have thought that if I still worked in the office.

And what are you, my fine fellow?

But wait – walking, and other physical activity, is important to my freelance career. I am no good to myself or my clients if I am overstressed and itching to get outside. Walking keeps me alert, creative, healthy, and happy. It is not at all a waste of time.

I want to get back to Mile Square soon, on a weekday, perhaps in summer when bike rentals are available seven days a week. If I can get Two Dogs to come along, perhaps we’ll rent a two-seat surrey bike (wait, it has four wheels so it's not really a bike).

After all, meandering also happens on wheels.

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