Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things other people can’t teach you…

…because you just have to find out for yourself.

1. You’ll get over the boy/girl who broke your heart.

2. Your favorite Saturday morning cartoon is badly animated and poorly written.

3. The Academy Awards are not the zenith of motion picture excellence. The best films/performances/directing/writing/etc. don’t always win – or even get nominated. Example: how many of you have seen Citizen Kane? How many of you have seen (or even heard of) How Green Was My Valley? Guess which one is a Best Picture winner? In the long run, a classic is a classic is a classic.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

4. Fast food is not great food.

5. With few exceptions, celebrities just aren’t that interesting.

6. Tight pants are not worth it.

7. Other people’s behavior is not your fault.

8. Life goes on no matter who is President.

9. Eating outdoors on a warm day is an undervalued joy.

10. Nightclubs are the same all over. Go to one, and you’ve been to them all.

11. The life of a groupie isn’t all that glamorous.

12. Famous and/or handsome men aren’t necessarily great (or even good) in bed. (The same goes for hot chicks.)

13. Getting wasted isn’t much fun.

14. You don’t really want to eat sweets all day.

15. Heroes aren’t perfect.

qthomasbower / Flickr

16. Famous people don’t die to teach the rest of us a lesson.

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