Friday, June 3, 2011

A little story you must read

I read this small piece by Paulo Coelho in the June 2011 issue of Ode magazine. The last line made me scream (inside) “Yes!”

Who is to blame

A couple went on vacation. When they returned, they found that their home had been burglarized. The robbers had taken everything they owned.

The husband blamed the wife, saying the doors had not been secured. She affirmed that he had forgotten to lock them. A long discussion took place, until the neighbors called a priest to calm the couple down.

“It is her fault. She has always been negligent,” said the husband loudly.

“No, it is his fault. He never pays attention to what he does,” answered the wife.

“One moment,” said the priest. “We are always blaming one another for things we never did, and we end up carrying a burden that does not belong to us. Did it occur to you that the robbers are the ones to blame?”


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