Monday, April 6, 2009

An Evening at Felix Continental Cafe

If you meander to the Old Towne area of Orange, California, and find yourself hungry, I vigorously recommend Felix Continental Café on the southwest side of the traffic circle. It serves traditional dishes from Cuba and the Caribbean, in generous but not overwhelming portions and prices that are easy on the budget. Two Dogs and I were there not too long ago.

Here is our appetizer – white bread with a layer of butter and a sprinkling of salt. I saw Two Dogs sprinkle salt on his buttered bread at Felix. Mmmmm. This is such a treat that it inspired a T-shirt design.

For those of gentle palate, like myself, Felix can accommodate you with this grilled shrimp and white rice dish. You can request maduros (fried slices of a banana-like fruit) or, since it’s spring, asparagus (as shown below).

Here’s the dish with some white rice left over, which the nutrition police would have me leave on my plate (but I didn’t).

Felix also has a selection of domestic and imported wines and beers. Two Dogs favors Alhambra Negra, a rich dark brew. We also enjoy the Marques de Riscal Rioja and the Martin Codax Tempranillo Rioja. This evening, we shared a bottle of Martin Codax Albariño, a citrusy white which complimented the shrimp.

Come to Felix with an appetite, curiosity, and some good friends. You might even find new friends – or much more. I met Two Dogs here at breakfast one Sunday morning. I had simply decided to eat breakfast out that day. I can’t say exactly why I made that instantaneous decision. Maybe it was because it was the day of the Oscars, and I wanted to read my Sunday Los Angeles Times in a pleasant place. Maybe it was because it was a sunny day, and sunshine has a special magnetism for this mouse. Maybe the universe was nudging me towards a whole new world of music and cuddling and adventure and luvvy-luv.

The sophisticated magic of Felix brought us together, and it brings us back time and time again.

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