Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are You Ready for Your DST?

About a week ago, I glanced at my calendar and noticed that Daylight Saving Time (DST) was going to start on Sunday, March 8.

If I was a cartoon, dancing hearts would have blossomed around me. I love Daylight Saving Time, and I am glad that we've had three extra weeks of it since 2007. I love being able to take walks after work, and lingering longer on the balcony, and having extra daylight to do the things that look best in daylight.

Tomorrow is DST Day, and I hope you all remember to "spring forward" one hour. The missing hour of sleep is balanced with the extra hour of sunlight - a small but worthwhile trade-off!

Ironically, I also love drive-ins, and drive-ins do not love DST:

What is "natural time"? Aren't all time measurements unnatural? I remember going to a drive-in during the summer of 1975. When the movie started, the sky was still light but I didn't have any problems seeing what was on the screen.

Here's a charming website, complete with white fluffy clouds, that presents the history of DST.

DST! DST! I love, I love my DST!

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