Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OK, February is making me feel icky already...

...so I'm going to cheer us all up with some inspirational sounds from You Tube!

Who remembers the soul-stirring NBA on CBS theme song from the 1980s? Doesn't it bring back memories of Kurt Rambis and Kevin McHale and all those nail-biting Lakers-Celtics battles?

I think the theme goes best with the graphic of the basketball arena forming, as shown above, but here's the theme on its own:

Now I feel like going out and battling some little green bastards...

Going further back in the wayback machine:

I barely remember this show, but never forgot the theme. FYI, the Banana Splits are Fleegle, the bouncy beagle; Bingo, the groovy gorilla; Drooper, the laid-back lion, and Snorky, the not-so-conservative elephant. The amusement park you see in the beginning is Six Flags Over Texas. (I love those miniature freeway rides -- so much better than riding on a real one!)

If you allow yourself, you can find all sorts of precious memories on YouTube and miss your bathtime and bedtime. I think I will stop now. I'm cheered up already!


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  1. This made me laugh! It's so easy to fritter away HOURS on U-Tube and investigating everyone's blogs. Oldies, newbies, doesn't matter.