Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to Meandering Mouse...

Today is the beginning of this new blog called Meandering Mouse. I will write and post photos and graphics of my adventures, thoughts, opinions, and life experience. I will follow the first rule of blogging – give something of value to the reader. When you look inside yourself too much, you suck yourself right out of existence.

On this day when, at last, we have a SMART President in the White House, I am feeling cheerful and optimistic. I didn’t get to watch the inauguration and speech live because I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. My doctor doesn’t have a TV - no, make that television -

(I believe in calling things as they are, because too much abbreviation is dumbing down - when Washington Mutual started calling itself "WaMu", it sounded too much like Shamu)

in his waiting room, but his nurses were listening to it online (unfortunately, I couldn’t hear it in the exam room). In the diagnostic clinic where I had my blood work done, the much larger waiting room did have a television, but it was tuned to this medical education channel. I was skeeved. Medical education tomorrow, history today.

Fortunately, today’s technology has captured the speech and will hold it for me until I am ready for it. Technology is wonderful. If you don’t think so, consider that one hundred years ago, we had to wash our clothes by hand in giant tubs of scalding water. Now we can sit and read a book while the Maytag (Kenmore, Whirlpool, et al) does the hard work. Think about it for a moment. Aren't you smiling now?

More to come...time to meander!

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